Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black Powder - The Last Argument of Kings

Alas, the realities of life have been in the way again...

Anyway, arrived today was the new Black Powder supplement.

I have a copy of Black Powder, but haven't played. I disclaim any prejudice against the rules on that basis, although if pressed, I would say I like what I see. I purchased the supplement specifically to see the War in India section.

Essentially, there are three pages. The first is a potted history of the wars, concentarting on the period 1750 to 1760 odd. Then there are two lists - generic European and  generic Native lists. There is a rule for elephants on page 18.

I was disappointed in the lists, particularly the European. It may work for Brits and French, perhaps the Dutch, but not for any of the other European nations involved. I would recommend that if you want to use BP for 18th Century India do your own research and lists!

Otherwise, the supplement is very spiffy if you want to play 18th Century games. I have read other reviews concerning some typos, but won't comment on them as they don't fall within the scope of this blog.

The pre-order figure is also very spiffy and will be making an appearance in my army very shortly.



  1. Interesting. I was debating getting a copy.

  2. Also purchased these rules ostensibly for the SYW rules and FIW. Both are as the War in India section in that they are of a similar nature and only a few pages long, in fact the SYW only contains stats for Prussians and no one else. To that end I was somewhat disappointed in them, the eye candy pics are fine but there seems an awful lot of padding to make them fill a decent sized book and push the price up to £18. Would have been better as you say to do your own research and adapt the existing BP rules to suit accordingly IMO.

  3. I will wait to have a look at yours..what is the free figure?

  4. the rear of the kilt pleated?

  5. I have played BP for AWI and its enjoyable if you use the diffent attributes. I didn't know this supplement had India in it. I may have to purchase it.