Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forts and Palaces of India

I picked up a copy of this book recently from the local shop.

It was published in 2010 by OM Books International. It runs to 256 pages in total with more than 300 colour photos.The author, Amita Baig has been involved in the protection of India's cultural heritage for 25 years and is currently a consultant with the World Momuments Fund.

The photographer is Joginder Singh, an architect turned architectural photographer. The photographs in this book are beautiful!

Inside the Rajput fort at Dungarpur - occupied between 1292 and the early 19th century
On reflection, this is a great book. That sounds bad, like I had to think about it, but that isn't what I mean. There is just so much covered in this book that perhaps some entries aren't given the space they deserve. 53 Indian forts are included, covering the Sultanate, Mughals, Marathas and others. There is a short chapter on colonial forts as well.

The book not only documents the richness of the architecture, but also how many are not preserved and, in some cases, shockingly defaced such as the fort at Golconda.

The Indian price is 2995 rupees, equating to roughly $60.00. On line they vary between $72.00 and $299.00!

A visual feast!



  1. Nice stuff. That interior image makes me think of the Mycenaean palaces. So much color. Regards, Dean

  2. It is amazing. I look at it and think it is hand draw, but it is actually a photo!


  3. I ordered one on amazon I cant wait to get it! Also GWZ I just saw you ad on TMP classic.