Friday, June 17, 2011

Worth a look in my opinion...

I have been watching quite a bit of the 1990s Indian TV series Tipu Sultan.  Not that it is particularly good :  ) In fact, I would go so far as to say in some spots it can be quite tedious! However, overall, I like it. It reminds me of the 1950/60 movies I enjoyed as a youngster! Good old westerns and sword & sandal type stuff.

Its pretty much all wrong, but surprisingly in certain aspects things are correct. For example, a lot of the banners are incorrect, yet others are seemingly spot on. There are some nice ideas for an Imagination army that come out of it, particularly in the above clip. And it has elephants!  52 episodes were made.

Battle scenes are like the Sharpe series - a few men aside with lots of yellow and red smoke to try and hide the fact. Guys milling around doing nothing while others nearby come flying off their horses. I do like the fact that the British General in the next clip gets around with no hat (sunstroke anyone?) and doesn't speak English (well hardly any...mostly Hindi)...and where did his men get those funny hats????

Still, I find myself drifting further under Tipu's spell... I feel a new project coming on.



  1. Really enjoyable in a naive way, and with a rich nostalgia value - somehow reminiscent of the 'peplum' / 'sword & sandal' Italian movies of the "50 - "60.

    I fully understand that it could be inspirational for the child still living in every wargamer worth of the name!

  2. Golconda is not *exactly* 18th C. India, and the subcontinent is large enough to include a weird 'mysterious' region or three propitious to swashbuckling / 'Pulpy' adventures.

    I've always seen Yasmina's Vendhyan mailed lancers as like ± this (mail instad of scale; reinforced armor for officers?) but with a Victorian 'Bengal Lancer' turban to 'highlight' their 'Indian' nature...

    Reportedly the video game 'Empire - Total War' is awful as a simulation of 18th C. warfare, but according to the excerpts on YouTube a rich source of 'unhistorical', yet often pleasant, inspirational uniforms.