Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Painting the Mysorean Regulars

 Further to the blog entry about how to paint the Bengalis, I thought it best to post some ideas about the Mysoreans.

The miniatures represent the Mysorean regular troops of Haider Ali and Tipoo Sultan - covering the period c1755 to 1799.

The regular troops wore mostly white uniforms early in Haider's reign. Towards the end of his reign they had started to be uniformed in bold colours embroided with a tiger pattern, seemingly at the request of Tipoo. The tunic could be worn with or without white trousers. Although some sources indicate the trousers to be short, Tipoo's palace guard at least wore long white trousers with pink vertical stripes. The guard also appear to have had white leather belts. Many sources indicate that the uniforms were purple and this is depicted in many illustrations. A description towards the end of the period states:

The dress of the regular infantry is generally of purple wollen stuff, with white diamond formed spots on it, which is called the tyger jacket. On the head is worn a muslin turban, of a red colour, and round the waist a cumberband, or sash, of the same. Their legs and feet are entirely naked, except a kind of sandal slipper, worn to protect their soles from the roughness of the march. They are accrouted with black leather cross belts, and commonly armed with musquets of French manufacturer...

Contemporary illustrations in Tipoo's palace disclose a much wider range of colours. The troops could also be uniformed in white with blue longitudal stripes or checks.

From Miniature Wargames - checks
A poor picture, but you can see the type of stripes used in some uniforms.
 Banners could be triangular or swallow tailed. Red was a popular colour.

From Tipoo's palace
The regulars were initially organised into units of  1,500 men called a cushoon. Each cushoon consisted of  two battalion-sized units called risalas. The risalas were further sub-divided into company sized units called jugs. In 1790 the senior formation became known as a cutchery of which there were four encompassing all the regular infantry.



  1. I wouldn't fancy painting that diagonal check!! I think it would drive me crazy!!

  2. That's why most of mine will bein white!