Saturday, June 11, 2011

More on Lally - Thanks Laurent!

Following my earlier post today, Laurent has forwarded me links to the following pictures:

The first is from Recueil de toutes les troupes qui forment les armees françoises (1761).

Unfortunately, Laurent doesn't recall where he obtained the second illustration. It does look as if there is a green tint to the cantons.

Thanks Laurent!!



  1. and further to the gaiters..yellow hat lace on one fusilier, white on the other..

  2. Yellow was supposed to be the usual lace for Lally, but I have now found a source saying that when on overseas service lace was often changed to white.

  3. for the regiment Lally or generally?

  4. well it should follow the button colour..did they change their buttons in India?

  5. Something that can help you :

    The "Etat général des Troupes de France" of 1753 is interesting because it said that Lally's regiment owned 2 flags.
    Both "Etat général des Troupes Françaises" and "Etrennes militaires" of 1758 describe the uniform as :
    red coat ;
    green cuffs and jacket (waistcoat) ;
    yellow buttonhole (private) or gold (officer) on cuffs and waistcoat ;
    copper buttons ;
    had with golden braid ;
    But "Etat Militaire" of 1758 add or specify :
    light green cuffs ;
    white lining and breeches ;
    12 yellow buttons on the front of the coat ;
    3 yellow buttons on each cuff ;
    3 yellow buttons on each pocket ;
    12 yellow buttons on the front of the waistcoat, each side ;


  6. The 1757 image of Lally can be found online here: This site has plates of almost all the French 1757 uniform series which are in the Musee de l'Armee in Paris. The website is a portal to various European museums and their digital collections.