Friday, June 10, 2011

The Joy (or is it the Frustration?) of Research

The more research that you do into the period, in fact most periods, the more you find that the sources conflict. I have found this particularly so in the case of Lally's Regiment. The uniform details are consistent (although there is reference to white and yellow hat lace), although the information on the flags is not so!

Most references that I came across at the start have a Ordonnance with red and green cantons, I assume based upon the Mouillard record:

As found on  Kronoskaf  and based upon Troupes du Roi, Infanterie française et étrangère, année 1757:

As found on a French website and also in Osprey's The Wild Geese:

Normally, I would discount the Osprey where it was the odd source out. And I did that until I found the next reference to blue cantons. The French source has always, in my experience, been spot on.  This has got me reviewing what I decided for the miniatures.

So how does one explain this? Well there were two battalions in existence between 1744 and 1761. It  The second battalion sailed for India in March 1757. I don't know when Troupes du Roi, Infanterie française et étrangère was published but I assume after that date. Could it be a case of company colours, or two of them being the colours of the first and second battalions? As Lally was the colonel from 1744 to 1761 it can't relate to a change in colonel. Could it be a case of pigment in prints changing overtime?

Green cantons make sense for an Irish regiment. However, Lally's coat of arms was red and blue...Guess which I am now thinking is correct???   :  )



  1. Two pictures for Lally regiment.
    The red and green flag appears on the second picture.

    The first one come from "Recueil de toutes les troupes qui forment les armées françoises" edited in Nuremberg in 1761.
    You can find this book here :

    I forget where I found the second picture, sorry.

    Picture :

  2. A man who has two watches never knows the right time.

  3. I would go for green, was the Lally family colonels of this regiment during its entire history? I don't think established regiments had the option to change their colours at will..
    and the shape of those cuffs..the foreign regiments have different cuffs to the French regiments..

  4. and black gaiters?..that is interesting and rather contrary to standard French practice

  5. I went with Green and Lally was Colonel for the entire time that the regiment was on the establishment

  6. you do realise that all three ordnanace flags may well be correct, just at different time..though my bet would be the blue one is a mix up with an other Irish regiment and the white'red one is a confusion, or a bet both ways..until you go to France, and read in French all the records in the archives I imagine it will not be resolved as a certainty