Friday, June 3, 2011

Horse & Elephant Armour by G.N. Pant

Here's another book review...

Let me get the bad stuff out the way first - bad editing (lots of typos actually), not enough colour and the occasional inappropriate illustration such as this...

What is a European knight doing as an example???

On to the good stuff! Such as this...

Blurring at the trunk is due to my poor scanning

There are 13 colour plates, 123 b&w plates and lots of line drawings. I was initially a bit disappointed when I opened this up, but that feeling soon disappeared. The information is very very  good (and at places seemingly contrary to that stated by western authors). The author was associated with the National Museum in Delhi for over 35 years and has handled much of the existent armour (animal and human) in India. Surprisingly, there is very little armour still in in existence.

The book should cost about US$55.00 plus postage brand new. However, second hand copies seem to be selling for that price and new copies up to US$130.00 !

typical line drawings from the book
This is actually a great book and it makes you realise how much is not known about the subject! However, if you are after a book for painting ideas, this probably isn't it.


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  1. Pants other books are as good or better The indian shield etc - more photos I think.