Saturday, June 4, 2011

Edwin Lord Weeks - Orientalist

Great Moghul and His Court Returning from the Great Mosque

I am a bit of a fan of the art of Edwin Lord Weeks.

Indian Prince

Born in Boston in 1849, little is known about his private life although his professional life is well documented. He travelled extensively  visiting Egypt, Syria, Morocco.

On the River Benares

He first visited India in 1883 where, he records, he painted everyday. He also took numerous photographs which he appears to have used as reference for architectural style.

Market place at Agra

Entering the Mosque

He again visited in 1892 (remaining for two years), starting at Trezibond and travelling by caravan. He published From the Black Sea through Persia and India in 1895, documenting these travels.

An Open Air Restaurant Lahore
Departure for the Hunt

He died in Paris in 1903 apparently due to an illness contracted in India

A Royal Procession

He certainly painted a lot of elephants, but I have probably over represented them in this blog!

Return of the Imperial Court from the Great Mosque


  1. Has a great Pre-Raphaelite charm, at least in my uneducated opinion.

    His death could provide the basis of a 'Pulp' novella / adventure game (which could well be set in 18th C. Pangaea) with a curse and /or an avenging Thugee having followed him all the way from India, and maybe a 'The Sign of Four'-like treasure?

  2. Magnificent stuff - I haven't come across him before. Must look into some prints.

  3. some lovely pieces of art mate, lots of inspiration there!