Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog Harassment

I am sorry to say that I have had to select comment moderation as a permanent feature now. I am sick and tired of being harassed by a follower of this blog. I am sorry to do this but it has become more than a joke...I never thought I would be cyber-stalked...

It saps my motivation to do anything else here for a while.



  1. My sin should anyone wonder, or even care, is that some uniforms allegedly aren't correct. And this isn't even a Napoleonic blog!

    Sources are few and far between...and conflicting...or non-existant... In some cases details just are not known. In some cases figures aren't available either!!!

  2. Thanks for all the (so far unmoderated)comments!

    I would like to clarify that I don't mind constructive comments/ criticism on the figures - but to have repetitive comments made that the source material I use must be the Osprey Book of Narnia is a bit much!

    I get it that French don't have sashes! Three of more than 100 French figures have a sash. Don't keep harping on it! Yes- it was an oversight on those three figures!