Friday, June 3, 2011

84th Regiment of Foote - Coote's Regiment

The 84th was raised in January 1759 specifically for service in India. It arrived at Madras in September 1759. When it was ordered home in 1764 most of the Regiment transferred to serve in the HEIC.

Black facings, gold lace for officers and white lace for enlisted men. Leather was tan, rather than the normal buff. This was another unit that was present at Wandewash. It was also present at the battles of Sooty (I like that name...) and Buxar.

Sir Eyre Coote was the first commanding officer, having been promoted to lieutenant-colonel and the command of the Regiment following his conduct at Plassey and in the pursuit afterwards. Coote went on to become Commander in Chief India in 1779.

The 84th had a long connection with India. It was again raised for service in India in 1799, served in Burma in 1842, India again in 1845, and in the Mutiny at Cawnpore and Lucknow.

Again, figures are by Crusader.



  1. Beautifully painted, I love the the flags!

  2. I'm really impressed with those colours!

  3. I like this lot - they look hard with black facings. Love those colors.


  4. Great looking unit and of course great looking flags!