Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mauritius - On the Spice Route 1598-1810

Cover - all the personalities are identified on the back dustcover

I am always on the look out for books, maps and pictures that I intend to use in that campaign based in India. I have collected a great deal of good stuff - One day it may actually happen  :  )     Here is another book I picked up recently, with that in mind, about Mauritius (or as it was known to the French De L'Isle De France).

During the Seven Years War the island was the source of volunteers to serve in India. The Cambresis regiment was also stationed there.

One of the maps - early 18th century - In Dutch

The book is an easy read and contains a lot of information I haven't found elsewhere very easily (or at all). I have even resorted to Lonely Planet guides in the past. This book is much better! The section on French Governors is excellent.

Street in Pondicherry from the book.

Illustration wise there was very little that I hadn't seen elsewhere (having said that I hadn't seen the above picture of Pondicherry before). Again, however, it is concentrated in the one book which is good. There are, however, some nice maps that would be useful in a campaign.

The book was first published in 2010 by Editions Didier Millet of Singapore. The author is Denis Piat, a Mauritian, who collects antiquarian maps and books relating to Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and Pondicherry.

ps - there are even TWO pictures of Dodos!!  : )

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