Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Lorraine Regiment

Now this is the only French unit that didn't cause me some grief researching...  : )  There were three battalions. The first remained in Europe and the second and third sailed for India in March 1757. They didn't arrive until April 1758.

The two battalions took part in the siege of Madras in 1759, fought at  Wandiwash in January 1760 and helped to defend Pondicherry in 1760 where they surrendered to the British. They were repatriated to France in 1761.

Figures are by Crusader Miniatures.

Figures based for Might & Reason, or Volley & Bayonet. However, Blackpowder looks promising as well.



  1. Like these too (even though they are Frenchies, Boo Hiss!) The uniforms are especially well done. White can often end up looking like dirty grey (well it does when I do it) but these are spot on.

  2. Very nice, I like the drummer, he looks good with a yellow coat, makes a change from the Kings blue or Queens red coats, was that the personal colours of the general of the regiment?

  3. Ray,

    Good question and something I will need to look at. I certainly have that info on Lally and De Bussy, but not for this regiment. There was one refernece I found for the yellow coat, but again, there wasn't much around...

  4. the Conde regiments had yellow coats from memory also one of the princes regiments too....from memory I will PM you details.