Friday, May 27, 2011

French Marines, Sailors and an Engineer

Here are pics of some Frenchies -  Marines, sailors and European mercenary engineers.

The Marines are Crusader Miniatures with a Conquest Miniatures officer. I was suprised to find that the Conquest figures were closer to true 25mm.

French sailors- a mix of Foundry and Conquest Miniatures. The two ranges mix much better.

European engineers in Indian service. The figure with outstretched arm is either inviting his colleague to look through the telescope or saying "well, if you think you can do better..."  Basing needs to be finished with grass etc. Figures are Crusader Austrians, if I remember correctly.

And the map...

Historically, the French marines and sailors didn't perform too well in India  : )  All painted by Peter (except the cannon which I did) and based by me.


  1. ok - they are Swiss mercenaries in Company service. Please prove otherwise : )

  2. Great figures and painting, the map and table are superb!

  3. Nice and really like the map and table as well.


  4. Nice one mate, when we going to see them in a battle?