Saturday, May 28, 2011

French East Indies Battalion

Here is the first of the French East Indies Regiments. Some others will be posted up shortly.

Basing is yet to be completed....
Like the HEIC, the French Company recruited its own forces for service in India.

Foot figures by Front Rank. Mounted officer by Old Glory

The uniform initially comprised blue coat and breeches, red cuffs, lapels and vests. The Company then regulated that the uniform was to be white coats with blue cuffs and vests. However, it was well documented that the white coats quickly dirtied in the Indian climate. As a result it would appear that the blue uniform was retained for service there. Hat lace was white - even units that normally did not have white lace seem to have used it whilst on overseas service.

The hardest thing was finding information about the colours carried. After a lot of hunting I found a description of the Company flags used in painting the above. The Colonel's Colour is the usual white flag used by French regiments.

The blue cloth was gingham, a lightweight material better suited for the Indian climate. Some gingham could also have white stripes or checks. There is also reference to gingham cloth being highly prized as booty...

Painted by Peter. Unfinished basing by me...


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  1. Very nice unit and really nice free hand on the flag!