Friday, May 20, 2011

Bengali Metals

Here are the first of the Bengali sepoys, sculpted by Ian Mountain for the Golconda Rising Miniatures range. Cast by Eureka and now available if anyone is interested!

The command figures have been cast, but I didn't receive any! What's the story, Nic??  : ) Here is a link to the other figures.

The figures in the photo above seem quite large when positioned next to the ruler. They actually measure 28mm to the eyes. Seems to be a bit of parallax error going on!

Bengali and Mysorean sepoy next to a Perry Carlist War British Legion figure

Sepoys and the Rajput Commander figure also sculpted by Ian.


  1. You get my vote for best new figure range of 2011! Now if you had a painting guide and army list ( I usually abhor Army Lists, but since I know nothing about this period it is hard for me to figure out what I would need to get started).

  2. DAF,

    Thanks for the kind words! I will be posting up a painting guide to go with the figures.Good thing is for the pre 1800s the clothing is more colourful than expected. The HEIC hadn't gained control of the textile industry at that time.

    I am also happy to do lists/ guides for the composition of the various Native armies.