Saturday, May 28, 2011

The 39th Regiment of Foote - Aldercron's Regiment

Here is the first British regiment posted to the blog (or at least I think it is). It was also the first of the King's Regiments to be posted in India.

Another unit I need to finish the basing of...

The regiment was raised in Ireland in 1702 by Colonel Coote. It officially became the 39th Foot on 1 July 1751. On 14 March 1752 Lt-Gen Aldercron became its commanding officer and it is variously referred to by both titles. In 1754 the first three companies arrived in India with another two companies sailing in 1756.

Green facings, white lace.

Most famously, they fought under Clive at Plassey on 23 June 1757, although had been involved in a number of other battles, such as the storming on Hoogly and the unsuccessful attack on Nellore earlier that year. They also served as marines upon Admiral Watson's vessels in December 1756 in the retaking of Calcutta.

The Regiment was ordered to return to England in 1758, although most of the men volunteered to serve in the Bengal European Regiment.

Foot figures by Crusader Miniatures, mounted officer by Foundry. Painted by Peter as usual.



  1. Huzzah for the Redcoats!!! Excellent looking figs!

  2. Great painting, they look very nice indeed!!