Sunday, April 10, 2011

Royal Artillery Information

I went browsing through the second hand book shops today and I found a copy of the Battery Records of the Royal Artillery 1716 - 1859. The book was published in 1952 by the Royal Artillery Institute and is compiled from muster rolls, pay lists, lists of officers and similar official documents.

The book traces every company of Royal Artillery  from date of formation, including company commanders, monthly location and major detachments. It is very useful for tracing the RA in India.

For example, one entry indicates that 6 companies under Capt-Lt Hislop embarked to India with the 39th on 25 March 1754 in HEI ships London, Kent and Britannia. The 6 companies totalled 72 men, including the 12 men of the Cadet Company. The Cadets, surgeon, paymaster and senior officers are named. The detachment disembarked at Madras on 15 October and 18 December 1754, the ships having become separated at sea. The guns taken were 2 light 12 pdrs and 10 light 6pdrs.

Copies on Amazon are selling for the equivalent of $233 at the moment. Mine cost $25 with some water damage to the cover. A good day of shopping!

All in all a very useful acquisition - and not just for India!

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  1. You did very well to get a copy of Laws so cheaply!

    My wife has a copy (she is a genealogist) and has used it numerous times to track various RA units that family members belonged to.