Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Buildings!

And probably the last for the while...More troops are needed!

Hovels Mosque - Jesuit at work.
Both are painted by Peter. The mosque by Hovels came up much better than I expected. The casting looked a little rough, but a good drybrush works wonders.

Interior of mosque
The dome lifts off to reveal the above interior.

Removable dome
The resin around the edge of the dome piece was brittle and required reinforcement. Peter did this with some heavy card.

The next building is one of the Miniature Building Authority's  Arab buildings. Again, the roof lifts off. Peter has added the awning above the door and the fences, both by GW. The ruined section has also been added and is from the Najewitz Modellbaushop range.

Miniature Building Authority Arab building
The MBA buildings come prepainted. However, the model was repainted, and a floor added to the first floor. I wasn't really impressed by the original paint job and this has come up a treat!

Roof removed

interior with disgruntled resident



  1. "Interior with disgruntled resident" - wasn't that a painting by Hogarth?

    Though I do say it myself, they did come up nicely.


  2. And, yes . . . more troops, more troops!

  3. I like that Hovels tomb - much higher contrast than I did myself, but yours works better I think.
    Re. Miniature Building Authority - looks really well, but they do seem a little pricey to me

  4. Donogh,

    Agreed regarding MBA. Picked it up off ebay at a disconted price. I haven't been able to bring myself to buy any more!