Monday, April 11, 2011

A good read!

I recently finished The Cobras of Calcutta by Grant Sutherland (Macmillan Press 2010). It is 400 pages and the first in a series of novels concerning the "Decipherers" - a group of  intelligence analysts ( my description sounds a bit modern, doesn't it?). It is set in 1757 in India. It appears that the series will extend to 1815. The enemy? France of course!!

One of the main criticisms seems to be that the central character, although handy with a sword, isn't a Sharpe or similar character. He witnesses or reports on events, rather than necessarily being at the centre of the action. The fall of Calcutta and the aftermath I thought was particularly well written.

I enjoyed it, but it may seem a bit slow compared to other similar series. And the cover is trash : )



  1. If not the main character himself, at least some 'field operatives' collecting intelligence could be inspirational for RPG-like adventures in Golconda?

  2. Then, since Golconda is set in Pangaea rather than in 'our' historical Earth, what about some 'heroical' female secret agent?

    I'm rather amused by the idea (from this recent TMP thread) of a decent, rather self-effacing, respectable, reserved and 'right' young European lady moonlighting (Bruce Wayne / Batman fashion) as a super-ninja; like this innocent, innocuous-looking but shuriken-throwing Red Riding Hood.

    And to challenge the Deciphers, what better than the 'Deceivers', the rumal wielding worshippers of Kali!

  3. Btw, the Pangaea forum is worryingly quiet, these times...

    Der Alte Fritz underlined that, as the funder of the new 'F&T' AWI range, he'll not pay for 'ladies in quasi-military attire' riding side-saddle': I guess i did not watch 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon' when young...