Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bengali Sepoys Finished!

Here are the Bengali Sepoys that Ian has finished for me!

Officer & Standard

Same officer - different angle

Drummer & Musketeer
The figures are armed with 1728 French pattern musket. I intend to use these for the 8 "regular" Bengali battalions at Buxar, fought 22 October 1764, between the British and and the Nawab of Bengal. The sepoys were trained by Walter Rheinhardt, known as "Sumroo", meaning dark, because of his dark complexion.

Each battalion of trained sepoys had its own uniform and triangular standard. The typical composition of a Bengali brigade was four battalions of infantry, a regiment of cavalry and a company of between eight to ten guns. 50% of the army, at least, was composed of the usual irregular troops.

As usual, a great job by Ian!



  1. Well done Sir - handsome figures. I hope I shall see the like in 1/72.

  2. I like these. Are you selling them?

  3. Hi Scott,

    They are for sale! Which country do you live?