Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parkfield British Sepoys

Fourth & Second Madras Battalions

Here are some pics of the Parkfield British Sepoys - the French ones have been posted up previously.

Fourth Madras Battalion

As usual, painted by Peter. The light tent has managed to diffuse the light so that the shading on the faces isn't clear : (

Third Madras Battalion

The European officers are generally by Crusader.

Fifth Madras Battalion

In Bengal, the first permanent unit of sepoys were recruited in 1757. At Plassey they were designated the 1st Bengal Native Infantry. The Bengal sepoys were dressed in red. Madras and Bombay soon followed suit. Turbans appear, from subsequent practice, to be dark blue. jackets may have been the only uniform item issued.

First Madras Battalion
The colours resembled British Regimentals with a Union canton.

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