Friday, March 11, 2011

Mysorean Greens!

Okay, I wasn't going to post these up until available from Eureka, but I am rather excited by these. Mysorean Sepoys! Suitable for the period of Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan (c.1757 to 1799). Sculpted by the very talented Ian Mountain. If you are interested I am sure Eureka will take pre-orders : )

Here are links to  Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan on Wiki - a good general introduction to the period. Hyder Ali was so successful that he forced the British into a treaty at the end of the first war. Mysore was a largely Hindu population with Islamic ruling class. Tipu remains a controversial figure in India today due to his policies.


Standard Bearer


Ali was involved in conflicts with the Moghuls, Marathas and the British. I will be using them for the First Anglo-Mysore war of 1766, although have to say that Tipu calls me very loudly!

A contemporary account of Tipu's troops reads:

“The dress of the regular infantry is generally of purple woollen stuff, with white diamond formed spots on it, which is called the tyger jacket. On the head is worn a muslin turban, of a red colour, and round the waist a cumberband, or sash, of the same. Their legs and feet are entirely naked, excepting a kind of sandal slipper, worn to protect their soles from the roughness of the march. They are accoutred with black leather cross belts, and commonly armed with musquets of French manufacture; though some are made in their own country; over the lock is a leather covering, to defend it from dampness.”


  1. Lovely David, well done to Ian for designing some lovely miniatures for you.



  2. Wow, I really like these! Good job!

  3. Curse you and your lovely toys!

    I'm starting to rethink my colonial project already....

  4. Very nice looking figures, but I need them in 15mm!!!!!!

  5. These are really superb. Can you share the full plans for the range, if you are in the know? Do you know if the sculptor is aware of the wall frescoes in the Tipu's Summer Palace at Seringatnam? There is some gorgeous detail of British and Mysorian troops in the extensive battle paintings.

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Ian has done a fantastic job.

    @Elector - so you should : )
    @ Ray - Turn to the true faith : )
    @ elcid - now that would be telling!


  7. Great Minis! Even better than your Hindus!

  8. Delightful figures, full of personality!

  9. Been out of the loop lately and missed these. What an awesome additional to your already great contribution to wargaming in India.


  10. Come on GWZ where is the next installment?