Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(Morris's) 89th Regiment of Foot

The 89th, or Morris's Regiment, was a Highland regiment raised by the Gordon Family in 1759.

The uniform details are uncertain, although it appears that the facings were lemon yellow. The tartan would also appear to be Government set - as was the Black Watch. Whether the kilt was worn in India is debatable - but what are Highlanders without a kilt!

The figures are Front Rank, painted by Peter.

When disbanded in 1764/65, after having fought at Buxar,  many of the Regiment joined the East Indies Company battalions.

The Regiment was commanded by Sir Hector Munro, major, who was later appointed Commander In Chief - India.


  1. Very interesting, I was only talking last week about this unit. My pal Postie wants to paint it up, for his 15mm army and as he's computer skills are the same as a mushroom, he asked me to see what I could find, then low and behold........

  2. Magnificently painted figures! I use the same figures in my imaginary SYW Campbell's Highland Legion but mine are nowhere close to Peter's paint job.


  3. Dave,

    lovely miniatures mate, I agree highlanders are not highlanders without thier Kilts!