Friday, March 25, 2011

I am still here : )

Just that work has weighed me down recently. My basing proceeds slowly and I am waiting on pictures of the new greens.

I haven't even arranged for the latest figures to be painted ...

And just so I can post a picture, here is a camel jingal.
Tallest darn camel I have ever seen!


  1. Impressive indeed!
    Such are generally depicted with the gun in front of the rider -well, that was at least the case for the Persian 2500th birthday parade....

  2. For some reason I can picture a camel with a modern recoiless rifle fitted to the pommel. Time I went for a lie-down, I think...

  3. So David, are you planning such a miniature?

    Its just because I love camels.


  4. Helen,

    I may be thinking about it : )