Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And now for something completely different!

Work in progress on the Dutch Navy in India.

36 Gun Frigate

Line of battle!
Langton 1/1200 ships painted and Rigged by Peter. I will be basing these up and putting on the ensigns and pennants.

24 Gun Frigate

Langton are beautiful models and one could really go to town with the rigging. However, I just know that the more rigging there is the greater the chance that I will damage it... I seem good at dropping figures and chipping paint!

36 Gun Frigate

There are 8 Dutch ships done, there are three 36 gun models, four 26 gun models and one 64. The latter is there just to beef up the Dutch line and didn't figure in any battles in India historically.

Although not officially at war, the Dutch were involved in a battle with the British on the Hoogly River on 25 November 1759. The Dutch had delivered a force from Batavia to India, which was defeated by the British at Chinsurah.

The Dutch fleet of seven vessels was heavily damaged by three Company vessels, each of 26 guns. Three Dutch vessels, including the Commodore, struck their colours.

Duke of Dorset engaging the Dutch from an old book on Clive

Dutch vessels of this period were not known for their colour - there are references to Dutch ships being all black. This would appear to be a combination of older vessels with many applications of tar.Langton's site refers to Dutch vessels as "sober" when compared to other nations!


  1. For a moment there, I thought that those were 28mm ships - at which point I would have passed merely green with envy to the actively murderous.

  2. Fantastic painting, as above...very green!!!

  3. "Sober" . . . does that mean "no grog"?

    Seriously, lovely models indeed, sir.

    -- Jeff

  4. a lovely addition to the armies, now my French fleet has some allies!!!


  5. Very nice indeed. Good to see the 'Meinheers' represented, too. I have some Langton ships and I agree, they are superb models.