Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Parkfield Miniatures French Sepoys

Parkfield make a nice range of French and British sepoys - at least in my opinion. I know some don't find them to their taste. The Europeans in the units are by Crusader Miniatures.

The service from Parkfield is excellent. Each individual figure is wrapped in bubblewrap. I always order a few extra figures from manufacturers to cover potential breakages in transit. I have never had to do that with Parkfield.

My only gripe, living in Australia, is the (imo) high postage cost. Having said that the figures cost about 70p, so are great value for money.

The figures are based upon reconstructions of sepoys from Nellore by Lucien Rousselot from the 1860s. In reality, there are no known  pictures of sepoys from the 1750s /60s. Most French sepoys of the time would have worn native dress and not be uniformed.

Historically there were approximately 1200 Nellore sepoys in 12 companys. Cloth in red, blue yellow and  green was made available. Three companys were in red jackets, three in blue, three in yellow and three in green. Facings etc would be in one of the other colours.

Osprey has a good introduction in;

Although Rene Chartrand has a habit of not listing his sources in this book when you would like to check them...This may be more of an Osprey thing than Chartrand himself.His other books by other publishers usually have excellent bibliographies.

Nellore sepoy from Osprey #313

Another sepoy from Osprey #313
Painted by Peter as usual.



  1. Interesting... they look much better than the pics in the Parkfield web.


  2. Very nice figures indeed. I sympathize with the mailing situation in Australia, having had to ship models there from the US.

  3. I like the "exotic" look of those Sepoys. Very nice indeed.

    -- Jeff

  4. They look fantastic, well done on the paint work!!!!

  5. They look really nice, I like the different colours-really brings out the figures.