Saturday, February 12, 2011

Native Grenadiers

Having posted pictures of the British Grenadiers, here are some native grenadiers.

Not the best photos, as they turned out a bit fuzzy - sorry about that.

Figures by Perry Miniatures.

Basing is one of my earlier jobs and I may go back and rebase them, although they do look better in the photo than in real life!



  1. Wonderful stuff - I had no idea Indian armies included bomb chuckers. I particularly like the chap with the sling.

  2. Superb looking chaps- can't wait to see them in action upon the battlefield...
    Did the indian troops throw nests of bees or other biological warfare tricks at all?

  3. Excellent and original minis.
    What is known about their battlefield role? In the Western world hand grenades were soon restricted to siege (& perhaps built-up areas?) warfare.
    According to the Ancient / Medieval books, articles and rules I read long ago, naphatun throwing hand-hurled incendiary grenades were used as skirmishers?

    I remember vague references to early Western grenadiers using slings to throw their grenades at a significant distance. A staff-sling, now, is granted a respectable range (240 paces / 200 yards in the WRG 6th Ed rules): his would make grenades fitting for 'traditional' battles on open terrain (btw that's how primitive grenades are thrown in the SF 'Belisarius' series).

    Are there any contemporary pictures of Indian grenadiers in action? In a thread about the origin of the grenadier cap, a poster claimed that early Western grenadiers did not throw their grenade 'over the shoulder' modern fashion, but 'underarm' as in bowling -but did not provide his source.