Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Transport

I previously posted up pictures of British and French Elephant transport, which can be seen here:


Here are pictures of the Foundry Dhoolie and transport camel, both from the Indian Mutiny range.

The Mutiny British figures have been replaced with Perry figures.



  1. another gem

    GWZ I dont know how you do it

  2. A Monte-Cristan visitor (came to discover new spices and recipes, in all likelihood) would probably prefer such litter -or at least litter-bearers.
    [In my active time I build two units of topless Indian Maiden Guards -'Ancient' and probably mythical, but pleasantly cute and exotic.]

    Now, in 'the Real World' Europeans did 'import' retinues of African Blacks in India: Bussy had a flamboyant bodyguard of Caffres in silk turbans and baggy trousers -probably not very dissimilar from the 'Giant Black Harem Guard with two-hand scimitar' minis of some fantasy ranges -only a blunderbuss to add.

  3. Nice models! Gotta love armies in India for some eye catching rear echelon units!