Thursday, February 10, 2011


Mansabdaris were cavalry of officer rank generally armed with sword, lance, shield, mace and bow. Armour was of the finest quality, denoting their rank. Mansab means "rank" so Mansabdar essentially means "rank holder."

Their mounts were, generally, of excellent quality. The horse armour could be mail but more often quilted or cloth barding.

Numbers of these officers could be organised into bodyguard units, which is what I use this unit for.

Figures are a mix of A&A Miniatures and Musketeer Miniatures. Peter has done a great job on these. Based by me...



  1. I don't want to say the same thing after every post, but I am enjoying your blog tremendously and look forward to each article you put up.

    As you say the painting on these is terrific and the basing has that slightly exotic touch that sets them off.

    So far I am £60 out of pocket as a result of your writings, since I purchased a few Foundry books. Even though the bank account may groan I am always interested to hear more about your source material.

    Many thanks for the great work.


  2. Thanks for the kind words John, Feedback is good and I always wonder what people would like to see more of!

    I will list more source material shortly!

  3. Very nicely painted by Peter. Love the collection David in so far as you have shown on the blog.

    Please forgive me if I don't respond to all new topics.



  4. On a similar note - I'm an avid reader of your blog and the veritable torrent of eye candy it contains.

    I notice that you base your figures on quite large bases, is this because of the rule set you use?

  5. That is a beautiful unit, the painting on the horse trappings is fantastic. I quite agree with everyone who's commented already. You have a great blog, with great articles and painting. Keep going with the eye candy!