Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Images of Plassey

Arguably, the most important battle fought by the British until the Mutiny, Plassey has been the subject of many illustrations over the years.

Wills's Cigarettes c. 1913?

The accuracy of all of the illustrations is highly questionable : ) Particularly if you use them as a source to paint wargames figures.

Plassey from Cassell's Illustrated History of India by  James Grant c1896

From books, to to paintings to cigarette cards and trade cards the battle has been a popular subject, particularly in Victorian and Edwardian England.

Tradecard by Price's Patent Candles 1910
Fanciful depictions wuld be a good description of the art and illustrations!

Clive at Plassey in Great Englishmen by MB Synge c1911

From The Story of Lord Clive by Lang c1906 (recently republished)

Clive examining the enemies lines - Stories from English History, Part Third by AJ Church c1896
Colourised version of the above
Watercolour by ES Hardy c1900

Plassey - Look and Learn

Look and Learn!

Illustration by Richard Caton Woodville for the Illustrated London News, 1893

Clive reflecting before Plassey -from Peeps at History - India by TH Manners Howe c1911

Deposition of Meer Jaffier source unknown

Robert Clive and Mir Jafar after Plassey, by Francis Hayman c1762

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  1. Some nice photo's, I remember the two pictures from the Look and Learn books. Blimey they bring back memories. Cheers!