Saturday, February 5, 2011

HEIC Artillery battery

Here are pictures of the two Company artillery pieces painted by Peter.Gabions and basing by me.

The miniatures, with the exception of the Native labourer, are from Eureka Miniatures AWI range.

 I like that fact that the crews are in much less formal dress than the Royal Artillery crews I have. There has been some criticism that their boots are of a later period and not applicable for c1760 India. Truth is, no one really knows  : )  It is also easy to tell them apart from other artillery on table.

Carriage colour of the guns is also open to some debate. Red seems most appropriate on my research.

As usual, figures are based for Might & Reason, but there is no reason that they can't be used for Volley & Bayonet or Black Powder.



  1. Brilliant

    What rules are you going to use for this lot??

  2. Hawkwood,

    Things I may remedy if I ever get around to designing these myself.

  3. Sure, military waistcoats were sleeved.
    Officially and under temperate / cold climate. In India, open-minded officers may have allowed a (sensible) adaptation to the ambient heat.

    [OK, I don't forget that some claim 'military intelligence' to be an oxymoron, but let's be optimistic:)]