Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Canterac - Wandiwash Revisited II

Recently I posted regarding the 251st anniversary of the Battle of Wandiwash.The posts can be found here:


I know that Canterac24 has an interest in the fort and battle. Anyway, I have turned this up from a Madras newspaper published about 10 years ago and thought it may be of interest:

Picture of remaining walls of Wandiwash fort 10 years ago

But there are still traces of the fort of Vandavasi in the town itself. Where sentinels once watched for signs of enemy attack, there are now houses, shops, a mosque, a temple and a church beside the remains of the city walls. That, too, is as it should be...

The moat is also still to be seen, although the crocodiles that local lore says once helped guard the fort have vanished...

Plan of fort that accompanied article

In modern Vandavasi, close by a temple wall and partially hidden behind some railing usually draped with washing, there are a cannon and plaque commemorating the action and they are all what is left of the battle of Wandiwash.

The picture quality is the best that I can get without losing too much detail.

Of the battle itself, the article states:

The two sides advanced amid heavy musket fire followed by bayonet charges. Soon the ground was littered with the dead and dying while, all around, men were engaged in hand-to-hand combat. As a contemporary Indian account says, somewhat poetically, “... the decline of the world of life continued till the setting of the sun, and the world was caught between the jaws of death”. 


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