Thursday, February 17, 2011

De Bussy's Grenadiers a Cheval

Like the HEIC, the French Company generally recruited its own troops.

De Bussy's army in the Deccan had Dragoons and Grenadiers a Cheval serving in it, although not in large numbers. The units in De Bussy's army all appear to have been volunteers, mostly raised by Johan-Christian Fischer. For a good summary regarding Fischer, his Chasseurs and other things see  Fine & Dandy

The information on the uniforms of De Bussy's troops in general  is not consistent. However, there is consistency regarding the Grenadiers a Cheval - blue coats with red cuffs and lapels, and hats. The lace colour is unknown. Gold is suggested, although other units transferring to India did change to silver.

Front Rank figures, painted by Peter. Again, based for Might & Reason, or similar system.



  1. damned out-of-focus photos again! Sorry...

  2. "The information on the uniforms of De Bussy's troops in general is not consistent".
    It seems that Bussy had a frenzy to change the uniforms of his troops -or maybe local fabric was of poor quality and they were worn out so fast? Anyway this contributes to muddle up the whole question.

    They were only parade escort, but what about his flamboyant Black bodyguard of giant Cafres?

  3. Lovely work yet again,


  4. supurb looking unit,

    I did find some extra info on this unit its amoung my notes on Fischer, all in French so a little translating to do and I will get back to you.


  5. Some loevly painted figures - getting lots of ideas for my India troops

    -- Allan