Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baluchi Mercenaries

The Baluchi were, and still are, a race closely related to Pathans. Modern Baluchistan is spread over south eastern Iran, southern Afghanistan and Pakistan. The semi-arid nature of the country encouraged the Baluchi to become mercenaries and they travelled as far as Zanzibar where they were employed by the Sultans. They were common troops in Indian armies.

Whereas Pathans closely cropped their hair, Baluchis allowed it to grow long. They dressed in trousers, turban and a long robe gathered at the waist. White was a common colour of their clothing.

Jezails, matchlock, swords and shields were typical weapons.

The figures are by Foundry and can be found in their Darkest Africa range.

Britain was to fight a short, but seemingly hard war against the Baluchi in 1843.

And here are two Baluchi from my copy of Osprey's Queen Victoria's Enemies - India, drawn by Richard Scollins.
Osprey #219 - Queen Victoria's Enemies: India

As usual, painted by Peter, based by me.


  1. They look excellent. The colours are great.

  2. Very nice fellows indeed! I'm looking to get a few Baluchis for my Darkest Africa campaign.