Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arab Cavalry

Mercenary units of Arab cavalry and infantry were common in India. Even some units of Arab camelry could be found in the armies.

unit 1

As a general rule, the Arab units were trustworthy and of higher quality than other units - well, at least for mercenaries! The cavalry were usually mounted on quality mounts. As a result they were usually the highest paid troops in the army.

unit 2

 I have two mounted units in the army. I usually base cavalry in units of two bases of two  figures each as they are irregular. Even the European cavalry in India was irregular! However, I have based the Arab cavalry in a denser formation to easily identify them.

All figures are Perry Miniatures from the Crusades range. Its a good thing that armour and weapons changed little!

Painted by, well, Peter as usual!

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