Saturday, February 5, 2011

1st Corps French Sepoys

Finding suitable sepoy figures has been quite difficult in this project. To start with, there are no actual pictures of sepoys until the 1780s. Pictures of sepoys of the 1750s are reconstructions made approximately 100 years later.

On that basis, one can't really go wrong with what you can use, as long as they look Indian and have a period firearm. Most French sepoys of this period were not uniformed and dressed and armed in native style.

The officer in armour is by Foundry

1st Corps make both British and French sepoys. Their site is at link.

Rear rank ready to break

The figures are quite animated with heads turned. They come in packs of 8 with variants. Some are bearded, although I didn't use those for this unit as they looked more suitable for  Mutiny to me. I have based them as if they are about to break and run. One figure at the rear already has and others around him are ready to do so...

From 1st Corps site - SYW 13

I use mine as the sepoys of an Indian prince - they look a bit too irregular to me for French. A description of such troops in The Army of the Indian Moghuls, by William Irvine states they were armed with poor quality flintlocks, that some may have had ammunition and they were "food for powder"! It doesn't inspire confidence in them, does it?  : ) 

The figure is a little taller than the Foundry officer, but they are compatible. They are not as well detailed, imho, as Foundry.



  1. Very special

    great to see such character with these miniatures

  2. 'a bit too irregular'? Debatable for 'sepoys' of the time -I suspect there was a whole gradient of units types from 'regular' sepoys to 'feral' allied warbands- but SO good-looking in any case!

  3. Lovely work from Peter. Thanks David for sharing.