Monday, January 24, 2011

Some nice, if not quite accurate, pictures and another project!

Having explained in a prior post how my interest in SYW India started, I have been tracking down copies of Look & Learn magazine to rekindle the wonder I felt as a kid! Some may say it's my mid-life crisis. I would probably agree...But it certainly is cheaper than a sports car!


Plassey again
The pictures are nice, but not accurate - but what can you expect?

Fall of Calcutta

Clive relieves Calcutta
There are some beautiful pencil drawings in the magazine as well.

East India Docks
Having scanned (with eyes, as opposed to scanner) a few issues of the magazine now there is a real problem - although the art may not be accurate it is certainly inspirational. Mysore, Mutiny and Sikh Wars beckon.

Seringapatam 1799 - another favourite of mine.
So do the 1600s - inspired by this picture:

From a 1980 issue
The caption states that the scene is in 1675, and it has inspired me to put together Europeans for the period  using Warlord ECW plastics! A slightly more exotic take on an exotic theme perhaps?

I admit I am a metal snob, and these are the first plastic figures I have purchased. I was impressed with the quality, but the poses were a little limited. And they lack heft  : )

The beauty with this project is that the Europeans will be minor allied contingents for the Natives, so I won't need a lot! And surprisingly, uniform information, where there are uniforms, is easier to obtain!


  1. A new project? "Dispersion! Ach! Gross Malheur": the bane of so many wargamers...
    At least in this case disperson is quite limited.

  2. Thanks David,

    I love Arcot!



  3. A great selection of pics. I have most of these myself.


  4. Look and Learn wqs where McBride got his start of course-Trigan Empire anyone !!
    A metal snob myself I'd use Willie 1680 stuff or perhaps essex 1680 rather than ECW- plastic or not .

  5. What abut Copplestone's 1670-80 stuff, sold under the Sun King range?

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Having visited Seringapatam several times, the artist has got the walls and the countryside all wrong. The real breach and surrounding terrain are far more interesting!