Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Map of Pondicherry circa 1760

A map of Pondicherry (now Puducherry), the main French outpost in India between 1699 and 1954.

The map, which is part of my collection,  is taken from the London Magazine and is dated to shortly before the fall of the city to the British on 15 January 1761. In fact, in 10 days it will be the 250th anniversary of the surrender of Lally, which eventually resulted in his execution.

Clicking on the map will bring up a larger version. Click again for an even better image.

Pondicherry, located in south-east India, was returned to the French at the end of the war, only to fall into British hands again in 1793. It was again returned to the French in 1816 and remained in French hands until 1954. It is easy to forget that Britain did not possess all of the subcontinent alone. Pondicherry was a haven for the movement against the Raj.

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