Sunday, January 2, 2011

King & Country Minaret

Like most gamers, I keep an eye open for items that may be useful for the periods I game in, but which at first glance would not be suitable. Some gamers have an eye for odds and sods that they then convert into nice models. Unfortunately, I am not usually that artistic!

I walked past the local toy soldier shop recently - the type that sells painted 54mm figures. In the window was a nice display of King & Country Light Horse. There was also a very nice set of desert walls and a mosque. These were definitely out of scale for Golconda. However, the mosque also had a minaret that could be free standing. It seemed perfect for Golconda!

Better still, it splits in two.

There are no doors, so these would need to be scratchbuilt if needed. The crenelated section would also need a false floor inserted to make it suitable for 28mm figures to see over. I intend to use it as one piece. Unfortunately, there is not enough room where the two pieces join to place any figures.

The next picture is taken from the King & Country website, showing the minaret on the 54mm mosque.