Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello Sailor!

Here is the first unit of sailors. I intend to use these as British, although they could be anything.

The figures are a mix of manufacturers. The ones with big guns are by Brigade Games and, not surprisingly are called Pirates with Big Guns.

From Brigade Games site

The officer and midshipman are from Black Scorpion.

An article in Military Modelling from 1997 has a solid (but not astounding) article on uniforms of HEIC naval officers.

Misleading article title - it deals with naval uniforms only

Officer c 1800  from Military Modelling article

As usual, painted by Peter, based by me ( basing isn't quite finished yet).

1896 picture of SYW engagement between French & British in India


  1. Beautiful stuff, though the chap with the swivel gun would be a bit du trops for my taste.

  2. And a right "scurvy lot" they are too. Very nice, sir.

    -- Jeff