Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year & here is my Resolution

First, let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year and thank you for following and viewing this blog! Interest has been greater than I ever expected. So, once again, thank you!

I have decided that my New Year resolution will be to complete at least 2, if not more, 28mm ships for Golconda. Two are already underway and have lain dormant in the slipways for some 9 months and work commitments getting in the way.

Both ships are by Old Glory. The first ship is, I understand, no longer in production and was called a "fantasy galleon" if I recall correctly. I think it was "fantasy" as although the stern has windows, there is no cabin at the level they are placed, above deck!

I had purchased it about 10 years ago and it sat in a box until March 2010. Once I started things went quickly. I didn't keep a photo log as I had fears for the way they would turn out. I hadn't lifted up a brush, other than for basing, for 10 years. I had expected to strip it and pass on to someone else to paint...

I started by scratch building rails and gun ports which had disappeared over the years. I then undercoated the model with a brown spray by Army Painter that I picked up for a price better than a generic spray can from the local hardware store.

I then masked off areas with masking tape and sprayed with a blue, also by Army Painter - then masked the appropriate areas and painted the black and gold by hand. I then drybrushed the base colours using a mix of Vallejo and GW paints. And drybrushed. And drybrushed. The blue turned out darker than I hoped.

The masts were painted ochre and then drybrushed. As it will be used for gaming each mast is missing a spar so that I have access to the deck.

Overall I am quite happy with the way it has progressed to date. Rigging has been trialled and merely needs to be permanently put in place.

The second ship is an Old Glory corvette. This is a very nice model but has some drawbacks, at least in my opinion.

The top deck is too small to take the full compliment of guns.

And the stern lacks detail. I have sourced some suitable windows from the doll's house section of the local hobby store : )

Again, I have used the paints and process described in relation to the first ship. Still, I think this will turn out very nicely.

After this there are three more to go,  two of which are larger than the fantasy galleon  :  (

I will certainly have to name at least one model the Resolution!


  1. Happy New Year and I await the advent of the ships with great interest...

  2. From what I can see, they look spectacular, sir. Very nice indeed. You are not giving yourself enough credit.

    I also look forward to more photos.

    -- Jeff

  3. They both look very nice. A shame that they are difficult to get hold of. I really like the look of old sailing ships and these look great.
    Happy new year and all the best with your resolutions

  4. Thanks guys!

    Paul, the corvette is still available from Old Glory, but it can be difficult to find if I recall


  5. Difficult to find on the OG web site that is! I obtained mine from the US.

  6. A happy new year to you, and the opportunity to thank you for putting together such a stimulating blog.

    If anything a little too inspirational, I am struggling in my resolve not to buy any figures for India.


  7. Thanks John,

    Mind you, if 25mm isn't your thing there is always 15mm : ) I have my dBr Moghuls in 15mm. I will try and post pictures of those in the next few days : )

  8. I just love those ships, have done ever since you threatened me with the job of fixing them up. Dodged that bullet . . .

    Does this mean you will be sourcing Indian dhows and other sea-going vessels? Would love to see a fleet of Somali pirate ships. And a giant Chinese junk. And we have to talk about the Maccassan pirates too. 2011, the year of living nautically.

    Happy New Year DV, I think it will be a good one.


  9. Happy New Year PC,

    I need only to get these two done to fulfill my resolution. That leaves three for you.

    And...I have 2 junks and a Sampan sitting here. Waiting...

  10. Happy New Year and best wishes to yourself, yours and of course Golconda!

    The Navy looks very well done and promising!

  11. Both ships look very nice and would grace anyones table.
    Happy new year!!!

  12. These are exquisite mate! Do you have plans to actually game with them?


  13. Happy New Year to you too. Those vessels look superb!

  14. Thanks Gents!

    I do intend to use these in gaming.The issue has been the rigging. I would like to have the rigging on, but in order to have access to the decks it will need to be representative rather than anything even approaching the historical!

    Then, of course, I will need some rules...

  15. If you used army painter brown as a base then varnish them well even on resin it can be a bit flaky..

  16. Thanks for that piece of advice. I will give them a good spray before I proceed further.

  17. hmm I would do a hand brush with the Jo Sonja Matte, which is tough but not very flat and then a spray with something dead flatte.. don't dullcote until you seal it with the Sonja or it may eat the acrylic off..I kid you not.. or get some gunze H20 , thin it with about 10% windex and use your airbrush.. nice and neutral in the paint reaction department ..but make sure the Jo Sonja has dried out totally..see
    or if you are desperate use army painter varnish but it doesn't like being sprayed over any other sort of varnish, or so my experience leads me to believe.. and try and do any varnishing it when it is warm but with low humidity..difficult this time of the year in Sydney