Thursday, January 13, 2011

British Cavalry

European cavalry was always in short supply in India. During this period at various times, there were two mounted infantry troops and one troop of Hussars, composed mainly of French deserters. At one point late in the piece, sepoys were mounted on horses as they became available and were used as scouts. European cavalry in British service seems to have never been more than 200. Like most of the more "exotic" units, the Hussar uniform details are non-existent.

As the unit was recruited for service with the French by Fischer, I decided the unit should be in a dark green uniform, similar to other units recruited by him.

I also wanted the unit to have mounted and dismounted versions.

Basing was drybrushed sand, with JG Miniatures grass clumps, Silflor clumps and Noch flowers. The tall yellow headed flowers are by Eslo.

The barricade is by Games Workshop.

The mounted Hussars are by Foundry. The dismounts and horse holder are by Eureka.

Hopefully, I will have pictures of other British and some French cavalry over the weekend.


  1. Thanks Capt Bill.

    i just realised that I didn't acknowledge Peter as painted. I merely based the figures and painted the GW barricade!

  2. Lovely stuff - beautiful figures. I'm always delighted to see dismounted dragoons.