Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bill The Bandsman's Bands

Surfing the 'net tonight I stumbled upon a company called Bill The Bandsman's Bands that make a wide range of 54mm marching bands. Included are some nice bands in theme with this blog.

Nellore Sepoy Band

Nellore Sepoys marching

1st Company De Bussy's Band

De Bussy's Topas Band
And a slightly later period:

Madras Sepoy Band 1800 - possibly my favourite!
Selling at US$297 per band for 14 pieces they are quite expensive, but do have a particular charm. Would I buy a set? Probably, but there are other projects to spend cash on at the moment! The turnaround, if out of stock, can be up to 120 days! Would I use them as a painting guide - not necessarily!

I have bands for my Portuguese and Moghuls in 28mm and will post up pictures once they are based.

The entire range of bands can be seen at:


  1. Georgeous looking figures but the price (and possible) waiting time are a bit too steep.

  2. Very pretty - but I think I would save my pennies for fighting troops.

  3. Could not yourself -or a friend with less outrageous demands- convert 28mm minis, so you'll have at the same time the band(s) and these scale-compatible with your armies?

  4. Conrad - Very pretty, but yes, fighting troops come first! Abdul - Yes! I think it can be done!