Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Buildings

Here is some of Peter's work on my buildings.

The first is a building and courtyard made by Mutineer Miniatures:

Peter has added the door and shutter.

Second is a kit building by Najewitz Modellbaushop with walls and arch by Hovels. The doors have again been added by Peter.

Najewitz can be found online at http://www.lasermodellbau.de/. The buildings are a combination of resin walls and high density compressed card and extremely durable. Their mail order is also first rate.

Here are some pictures taken by Peter of another building he has constructed using the kits. I will post a picture of the completed version shortly:

Top notch work by Peter!As usual : )


  1. Just beautiful! That last building screams India - love to see some more details of it.