Saturday, December 25, 2010

Indian Armour & Weapons

Or more precisely, mostly Mysorean armour and weapons. Generally, however, armour and weapon type circulated freely within India and these are representative of many states.

Although from a slightly later date, the weapons and armour illustrated below were typical of the period. Advancement in technology progressed slowly. The items illustrated come mostly, but not only, from Seringpatam which fell to the British in 1799. They were typical of those items used by the soldiers of Tipu Sultan's father, Haider Ali, some 40 years earlier when fighting the British and Mahrattas.

Arm defences (Dastarna) - padded dark brown velvet lining, faced in bright red velvet

Quilted helmet - constructed of hide covered with compressed thick layers of coarse fabric, lined in crimson silk

Quilted cuirass (Peti) - constructed of compressed thick layers of coarse fabric lined in striped polychrome silk

Bow - quiver constructed of leather lined in dark brown velvet and backed with red velvet

All coming together in the following picture from Miniature Wargames #11 by Paul Stevenson.

I highly recommend the articles that appeared within the first 25 or so issues of Miniature Wargames (  to anyone interested in the period.

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  1. I have that somewhere but also the books by Dr Pant