Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Buildings by HG Walls

Here are four more buildings by Herb of HG Walls. Again, I am more than pleased with the work Herb has done. They are based on the wattle & daub types found in certain parts of India. Herb has provided the pictures. Hopefully I have sorted out my "studio" and I will be able to post up some pictures of the figures in my collection shortly.

Buildings 1 & 2

Buildings 3 & 4

The Virtual Armchair General has some nice Indian Buildings in card and the proprietor, Patrick, is a true gentleman. I highly recommend his products and his service is exemplary. The link to TVAG is in the links bar to the left.

Some other nice scratchbuilt buildings of a similiar type can be found on the Adventures In Lead Blog, again on the links bar. Never one with an original idea this blog is what inspired me to have these buildings made. Thanks Frank!!

Finally, there has been a slight delay in the Hindu matchlockmen. Ian tells me they will be completed soon. Once I have pictures I will post them up!

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Nice work from Herb. Looks like its all coming together for you. How many additional buidlings are you thinking of?

    I did leave comment on another label, but how large a range are you thinking of? Will these be available to the public?

    Just interested as I've a few books on the subject and one of my true loves of the period.



  2. Hi Helen,

    There is a lot more that hasn't been photographed. I have completed all the French, British and Portuguese units in India; there are about another 10 buildings not photographed, plus a table with jungle etc.

    The figures will be released commercially, I just need to finalise that arrangement and get a few more greens in so the first mould can be made.

    First up will be figures that aren't available elsewhere. Next in line are Mysorean and Bengali trained sepoys, then Rajput cavalry, then some more sepoys perhaps, or Pindari horse.

    The sepoys will all consist of native officer, musician, standard bearer and marching pose. I may have some skirmishing types done as well.

    I will be looking at between 6 and 8 new releases per month when Ian catches up!


  3. Thank you GWZ,

    Sounds very nice.



  4. For building ideas, please take a look at the following blogposts. They certainly inspired me:

    Simple, yet very effective.

    -- Jeff

  5. How good is that blog!

    Thanks Bluebear!