Monday, December 27, 2010


What would a Moghul (or indeed, any Indian) army be without a few elephants?

I have 10 in the army, including 4 generals.The miniatures are a by a number of manufacturers and I have mixed and matched bodies and heads. Represented are Foundry, Essex, and the now defunct and much lamented London War Room.

There are references to Moghul elephants carrying towers, rather than howdahs, up until the early 17th century. There are even written technical details regarding how to build a tower, including dimensions. Interestingly, it appears that towers are not represented in art of the period.  Although my army is representative of a later period than the 17th century, these can be used for an earlier time, or in a straight imagi-nation role. I like armies that can morph easily : )

 Of all the figures that the London War Room did, I believe the elephants were the best. The models are armoured in an appropriate manner and no other manufacturer makes anything like these. The howdah with jingal is particularly nice.

Although now from quite an old range, the Foundry Indian Prince is also a nice model:

A Mutineer Miniatures elephant with canopy removed:

Moghul elephant armour:
Captured by Clive at Plassey
Moghul armour

From Osprey War Elephants

tusk swords

As usual, the figures were painted by Peter.


  1. You gotta love any army that lets you have elephants!

  2. WOW!! Been waiting for a close-up of these guys. My favorite is the elephant in the second image - I love his two riders. Truly beautiful Dave - well done.


  3. Elephants are like big mice. I like them.

  4. Inspirational as ever from Golconda...
    I also enjoyed your book reviews of late - thank you.
    best wishes
    p.s what rules do you use/intend to use for the period?

  5. Thanks guys!

    Alan - I had put the army together for Might & Reason, although under those rules it is a lame duck unless fighting other irregular armies. Volley & bayonet is another choice. I also have a set for India based on Dba that seems to work very well.


  6. How did this slip past my dashboard..??
    Lovely looking ellies, beautifull painting.

  7. Love this blog !! Your figures are sensational - wonderful painting and very inspirational!