Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kobblestone Wargames Mission - Painted by HG Walls

A great Mission complex by Kobblestone Wargames. It is painted by Herb from HG Walls. The building has a great feel as one of the European Factories established in India.

Ruined Temple by HG Walls

A ruined temple kindly made for me by Herg Gundt of HG Walls. I am sure you will agree he did a fantastic job. More of Herb's work will feature soon.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Indian Irregulars Greens

The first of the Hindu irregulars/militia types sculpted by Ian. They haven't been received by me as yet and I am looking forward to getting them. There are three more underway armed with matchlock. Once received there will be some head and weapon swaps.

Front view

Rear view

Rajput and Moghul Miniatures

The first two figures sculpted by Ian Mountain. The painted figure is by my mate Peter. I will post some comparison shots with Foundy and Perry shortly. I also need some better facilities to do the photos : )

The figures are based on the Osprey plates in the Moghal India Men-at-arms #263. Ian has done a fantastic job on them.

Rajput painted
Moghul painted

Introduction Post

Well, after about 12 months of trying, I finally have a blog thanks to Frank, great guy that he is. Whatever I tried ended in disaster so I gave up on it. Frank has put this together for me and I really appreciate his help. His inspirational blog, Adventures in lead, is linked at the side and I encourage everyone to visit it!!!

The blog is a spin off from an imagination campaign based in the fictious world of Pangea, imagined by Cardinal Biggles. Other states can be found in the Ne Plus Ultra forum also linked in the sidebar. Funnily enough, after two years Golconda still hasn't taken the field! The rules used are Might & Reason.

Hopefully, I will get around to posting pictures of each unit soon. Although an imagination Golconda is firmly based on the Seven Years War period in India. French, British, Dutch and Portuguese to name a few European countries will feature, as will Moghuls and Mahrattas. All the armies are as close to the historical precedent as I have been able to ascertain. The majotity of the figures are painted by my mate Peter. Buildings are mostly by Herb Gundt of HG Walls.

Finally, I have embarked on my own range of figures, sculpted by Ian Mountain. I initially intend to do Indian Princely States, concentrating on figures not readily available. Hopefully these will be available commercially in the not-to-distant future.